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Here is a Special Announcement from Perseverance Records
STANDARD DELIVERY by the Eric Ekstrand Ensemble has now officially been released and is available in CD form or as a download from Perseverance Entertainment Company. The CD features 14 great and familiar songs and two bonus tracks available only on the CD.  Here is the link to the Perseverance website with "Standard Delivery"
1 Up a Lazy River (3:22)
2 Hey, Good Lookin’ (2:45)
3 How About You? (3:15)
4 Come Rain or Come Shine (5:06)
5 If I Had You (2:48)
6 L.O.V.E. (3:09)
7 What a Wonderful World (4:15)
8 On a Slow Boat to China (3:06)
9 Why Not? (3:48)
10 I Only Have Eyes for You (2:56)
11 Knock Me a Kiss (5:49)
12 You Don’t Know Me (4:21)
13 Beyond the Sea (3:22)
13 Beyond the Sea (3:22)
(Bonus Tracks)
15 Misty (5:23)
16 All of You (2:25)

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